Surplus Conditions



New or Unissued condition

Not previously sold at retail or issued. In the same working condition as it came from the factory.


80-90% blue remaining, very little if any marring of the wood. Bores clean without pitting. Complete and in working condition.

Very Good

50-80% of blue remaining, minor dings in wood from handling. Bores clean without pitting. Complete and in working condition.


25-50% blue remaining, stocks marred (several dings in wood) bores slightly worn and dark, no corrosion that will interfere with proper functioning. Complete and in working condition.


Very little, if any, blue remaining. Rough bores unless otherwise indicated, wood heavily marred. ~May require adjustment or replacement of parts. Metal can be pitted. Must be inspected by a competent gunsmith prior to shooting. Failure to do so may result in bodily injury or property damage.


Major and minor replacement parts required and extensive restoration needed, metal can be pitted, principal lettering design obliterated, wood badly scratched or bruised, mechanically inoperative. Product is for sale to be used for parts or display value only.

XI, VI, GI, FI Condition

Items shall be missing minor parts or may have a minor functioning issue.

PI Condition 

Items shall be missing or have a defective major component such as a stock, barrel, bolt or receiver.