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AK Recoil Reducing Buttstock, *New*

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AK Recoil Reducing Buttstock, *New*
Condition: New
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Recoil-reducing buttstock fits AKM style rifles with a stamped receiver (WASR, GP1975 and the AK74). Also fits Saiga style rifles and shotguns, but requires some simple modifications with a dremel tool.

The recoil reducing buttstock contains a patented mechanism that dramatically lowers felt recoil. We extensively tested this recoil reducing buttstock using the LaodForce - 250 Recoil Force Measurement System with the Saiga 12 ga. shotgun with regular buttstock and after swapping to the Recoil reducing Buttstock (RRBS). Recoil was reduced by over 42% with heavy game loads! This allows for faster follow-up shots and much better accuracy!

2 3/4" Skeet Loads:                
Standard            RRBS 
High: 37 lbs. l 23 lbs.
Low: 29 lbs. l 17 lbs.
Avg.: 32 lbs. l 20.5 lbs.

2 3/4" Heavy Game Loads:
Standard            RRBS 
High:  49 lbs. l 29 lbs.
Low:  40 lbs. l 21 lbs.
Avg.: 45 lbs. l 26 lbs. 

3" Buckshot:
Standard            RRBS 
High:  44 lbs. l 31 lbs.
Low:  38 lbs. l 30 lbs.
Avg.: 40 lbs. l 31 lbs.  

Condition: New. 

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