Ruger LCP, .380 ACP, No Magazine

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Ruger LCP, .380 ACP, No Magazine
Condition: Good, No Magazine


You're going to carry anyway, so you might as well carry a pistol that's easy to conceal and comfortable to move around with all day. Ruger's LCP Centerfire Pistols boasts a compact, lightweight design that fits comfortably in a variety of holsters, making it ideal for concealed-carry applications. Crisp-breaking single-action trigger pull minimizes the risk of a pulled shot when the stakes are at their highest. Through-hardened steel slide, one-piece nylon-grip frame and blued alloy-steel barrel provide exceptional durability. Large, textured grips distribute recoil for easy handling and allow a sure grip in stressful situations. This pistol is missing the magazine. 


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