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RAK-1 N-PAP Enhanced Trigger Group

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RAK-1 N-PAP Enhanced Trigger Group
$39.99 MSRP


  • 100% American made single stage trigger group with machined release surfaces that offers a smooth and consistent trigger pull unlike anything you will find on standard AK triggers. 

  • The top profile of the hammer has been optimized to eliminate the bolt carrier hang up that occurs frequently with other hammers and provides a smoother operation without the need of polishing the hammer. 

  • The trigger uses a double hook design with an innovative relief cut which allows it to be used in receivers designed to only accept single hook triggers. This gives the operator the option to have the strength and control of a double hook trigger in firearms originally designed to only accept single hook triggers. 

  • The disconnector has also been optimized to eliminate trigger slap and “folding” of the engagement surface seen on many other trigger groups during high round count tests.

  • The RAK-1 N-PAP Enhanced Trigger Group has been properly heat treated and hardened to minimize wear and passed a 15,000 round endurance test.

  • Each trigger group will include a Hammer, Trigger and Disconnector which count as three U.S. 922r compliant parts. The RAK-1 N-PAP Enhanced Trigger Group will also include a Hammer Spring, Disconnector Spring and a Trigger Sleeve which allows the Trigger/Disconnector to be pre-assembled before dropping into the rifle. 

  • The RAK-1 N-PAP is a great upgrade to any AK style rifle while maintaining the traditional reliability of a stock trigger.

  • Fits the N-PAP, N-PAP DF, O-PAP, M90 NP, M92 PV and other Yugo AK rifle and pistol variants.


Click here to watch video on upgrading the M85 NP with he RAK-1 Trigger by VSO Gun Channel, June 11, 2016!



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