Outbreak Cardboard Zombie Face-Off

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Outbreak Cardboard Zombie Face-Off
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Dealer 4 Pack

60×72″ Holds Standard Sized Skeet

Includes Aluminum Stand

·         This shooting gallery is the largest target you’ve ever seen at 66″ Tall by 57″ wide!

·         Folds down to 33″x19″ for cheaper shipping and easy storage in your trunk.

·         Holds 30 skeet targets allowing you to throw more lead down range before having to change out the skeet!

·         If you’re a good shot, and only hit the skeet, this target will almost last forever! Do NOT shoot with a shotgun!

·         Easily sets up in minutes with included aluminum poles and hardware.

·         Accepts all standard skeet brands, sold separately.

Made in the USA by non-infected workers!!!