CZ 75D Compact, *Proprietary Rail*, 9mm, *Very Good, No Magazine*

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CZ 75D Compact, *Proprietary Rail*, 9mm, *Very Good, No Magazine*
Condition: Very Good


One of the most popular defensive handguns the world over, the Czech model 75 is known for its accuracy, reliability, and excellent craftsmanship. Featuring a hi-capacity magazine, double/single action trigger system, and frame mounted safety, these handguns are built to last lifetimes. The 75D Compact is a true compact and similar to the P-01 in size. Featuring an alloy frame and snag free sights, this model is especially popular as a concealed carry firearm. *These are former duty pistols recently imported from Europe and were likely carried a lot and shot a little.* *Firearm pictured is representative of average condition. Buyer will receive the same or better*

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