Century Arms AP5 - Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase parts and accessories for my Century Arms AP5?

An extensive selection of replacement and aftermarket parts for your Century Arms AP5 are available from Century Arms on our website at CenturyArms.com/AP5/Parts.

What Is the Recommended Break-in Period for the Century Arms AP5?

The AP5 utilizes a roller-delayed blowback locking design. Firearms operating on this principle may require discharge of approximately 500 rounds to break-in. During the 500 round break-in period, it is recommended to use Factory New 124 grain NATO or +P 9mm ammunition.

Please be sure to properly lubricate and clean the firearm throughout the break-in period in accordance with instructions in the firearm manual.

Can I Use +P Ammunition in my Century Arms AP5?

Yes, the AP5 can be used with +P ammunition. However, the AP5 is not rated for +P+ ammunition.

What Ammunition Will Perform Better in my Century Arms AP5?

Firearm loading and feeding will be best with full metal jacketed round nose ammunition. Most commonly available 9mm (also referred to as 9×19mm or 9mm Luger) ammunition should function in the Century Arms AP5.

We recommend trying the following ammunition in the Century Arms AP5 once the 500 round break-in period is complete:

  • Red Army Standard 115gr FMJ
  • Red Army Standard Elite 124gr FMJ
  • Winchester 124gr NATO
  • Sellier & Bellot 115gr FMJ
  • Sellier & Bellot 124gr FMJ
  • PMC Bronze 115gr FMJ
Is the Century Arms AP5 Compatible With Parts From other Manufacturers?

Replacement and aftermarket parts for your Century Arms AP5 will soon be available for purchase from Century Arms on our website.

Generally, the Century Arms AP5 is compatible with most platform specific parts from other manufacturers. However, there are many aftermarket parts that may not be compatible. Some aftermarket parts may require fitment to function with the Century Arms AP5.

Can I make it easier to use the Charging Handle?

Firing the Century Arms AP5 will assist with breaking in the recoil spring.

Can I Use A Suppressor with My Century Arms AP5?

Suppressor ownership is subject to National Firearms Act licensing and Tax Stamp requirements. Please contact your local BATFE office for proper application and approval information to acquire a suppressor. If your Century Arms AP5 variant utilizes the 3-lug adapter, a suppressor can be used with your firearm once legally obtained.

Can I add a stock to my Century Arms AP5?

The Century Arms AP5 is a pistol as determined by the BATFE, and adding a stock would convert the firearm to a Short Barrel Rifle (SBR). Therefore, adding a stock to your Century Arms AP5 can only be done after obtaining proper approval from the ATF, as well as any applicable State or Federal Entity.

Adding a stock to your Century Arms AP5 without proper approval would violate the National Firearms Act, and would result in Federal or State criminal prosecution. Consult any applicable Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement agencies prior to making any function or operation changes to your firearm.

I have followed the information listed above, and still have an issue with my Century Arms AP5.

Please visit CenturyArms.com/contact-us and fill out the “Contact Information” page to submit a warranty request. Alternatively, you can email us directly at support@centuryarms.com.