Remove the magazine from the rifle. (See Illustrations #12 - #13.)
Move the safety lever to the "FIRE" position by
rotating the safety lever downward.
Check the rifle's chamber to ensure it does not
contain a round by pulling back on the bolt cocking
handle (See Illustration #11) and locking it in place
with the bolt catch on the safety lever. Inspect the
chamber to ensure it is empty. Once you determine
the chamber is empty and no magazine is in the rifle,
push down on the safety lever and let the bolt go forward.
While maintaining a safe muzzle direction, remove the
receiver cover by holding the rifle in a secure
position (across your lap, resting on a table, etc.) and
grasping the forward part of the buttstock with your
right hand, depress the spring loaded release button
on the rear left side of the receiver.While holding
the button, press the recoil spring cam forward.Then
raise the receiver cover from the back end first with
your left hand. (See Illustration #14.)
Remove the recoil spring assembly from the rifle by holding the forward portion of the
receiver with your left hand and pressing on the back of the recoil spring cam with your right
hand until its rear face leaves the groove in the rear of the receiver. Lift the recoil spring cam
and remove the recoil spring assembly from the bolt carrier channel. (See Illustration #15.)
NOTE:The recoil spring assembly is under spring pressure. Hold on to the assembly
when removing it or injury could result.
Illustration #15
Wear eye protection, such as shooting glasses or goggles, when
disassembling your firearm to protect your eyes from tensioned parts, such as
springs that could be dislodged during disassembly.
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The rifle will fire if the magazine is removed and if the trigger is
pulled when a cartridge is in the chamber.
If dropped, any firearm could fire when there is a cartridge in the
chamber and the safety lever is in the "FIRE" position.
Field Stripping
Before beginning the disassembly process, check to ensure the rifle
is not loaded.To do so, follow the procedures detailed in the
Unloading the Rifle
section on page 9.
In the event that a cartridge remains in the chamber after pulling the trigger and the extractor
fails to remove it (whether or not it has fired), you should remove the magazine, then work the
bolt cocking handle several times to try to eject the cartridge. If this does not eject the
cartridge, ride the bolt cocking handle home (slowly allow it to return to its forward position
without allowing it to impact the back of the cartridge casing). Follow the instructions found on
this page to field strip your rifle before attempting to remove the cartridge. If after field stripping
your rifle you are still unable to remove the cartridge casing, do not reassemble the rifle.Take
the rifle to a competent gunsmith to remove the round and ensure proper functioning.
Illustration #14
Spring loaded release button.