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If you do not see the instructional manual you are looking for, please contact us.

The information contained in the instruction manuals for Century products is intended for use by Century customers only, any unauthorized reproduction or commercial use of the instruction manuals is strictly prohibited.


Shotguns Handguns
Centurion Survival Shotgun, 12 Ga. PDF Arcus 98 DA Semi-Auto Pistols (HG1014-N and HG1015-N) PDF
Chinese 12 Ga. Over/Under PDF

CZ Model 52 Pistol PDF

Chinese 12 Ga. Pump Shotgun SG007N  PDF CZ MDL 70 Pistol PDF
Double Barrel Shotgun (SG018-N) PDF Daewoo DH40 MKII PDF
HL12-102 Pump Action Shotgun (SG1021-SG1020) PDF Daewoo DP51 PDF
JW-2000 Coach Shotgun PDF Daewoo DP51C PDF
JW-87 (83) Shotgun (SG1079-SG1037-SG1080-SG1068) PDF

Draco Pistol PDF

Khan 12 Ga. 3 1/2" Semi-Auto Shotgun PDF German P08 Luger PDF
Khan Semi-Auto 12Ga Shotgun-Over & Under (SG1038-SG1096-SG1098) PDF Makarov (HG761, HG764, HG926) PDF
Khan shotgun_20 GA Over & Under Shotgun (SG1039-SG1126) PDF P-38 Pistol PDF
Khan shotgun_Arthemis Supreme Over & Under Shotgun (SG1096-SG1097-SG1098) PDF R-61, PA63, M74, Makarov and AP9 PDF
Khan-survival_century PDF


Model 97 (1897) Slide-Action Shotgun (SG1102-SG1219) PDF Refurbished Military Self-Loading Pistol, MDL CZ52 PDF
Phantom 12 Ga. Shotgun PDF Russian Nagant Revolver PDF
SAS12- Semi-Auto Shotgun PDF Shooters Arms Pistol PDF
Ultra 87 Shotgun PDF Shooters Arms X9 Pistol PDF
Winchester Model 1300 Pump Shotgun (SG1400) PDF Star Model BM, Cal. 9mm Parabellum PDF
YL12-1J2 Pump Shotgun PDF TTC Pistol PDF
  ZKM 452 Model 2 E PDF
French MA36 & 49-56 Rifles PDF Semi-Auto Rifles
Italian Ridge Runner Muzzle Loader Rifle PDF 1975 Bullpup Semi-Auto Rifle PDF
Lee Enfield Rifles (No.1 Mark III, No.4 Mark I and No.4 Mark II) PDF C93 Semi-Auto Rifle PDF
Mauser Model 98 Rifle PDF Centurion 99 And Centurion 2000 Sporter  PDF
Mauser Rifles PDF Centurion 15 Sporter Rifle PDF
Mosin-Nagant Rifle (M1891, M91/30, M91/59, M27, M38, M39 & M44 PDF Centurion In-Line Muzzle-Loading Rifle PDF
Swiss Army Rifle (MDL 11, MDL 31, Scoped MDL 31/42, 31/43 and 55) 1958  PDF Century L1A1 Sporter Rifle PDF
Yugo M59/66 Rifle PDF CETME Semi-Auto Sporter Rifle PDF
  Golani Semi-Auto Sporter Rifle PDF
Miscellaneous M76 Sporter Rifle PDF
Bersin Ammunition Measuring and Adjustment Device  PDF GP 1975 Semi-Auto Rifle PDF
Field Telephone 33 PDF PSL 54C Semi-Auto Rifle PDF
Nagant Cylinder  HTML SAR 1/2/3 Rifle PDF
Romanian AK-75 Mag. Loading & Unloading PDF SKS Semi-Auto Rifle, Cal. 7.62x39mm PDF
Vision Plus Riflescope PDF Sterling Semi-Auto Rifle PDF
Vision Plus Dual Red or Green Electronic Dot Sight PDF Tantal Sporter Rifle PDF
  UZI SMG, Cal. 9mm Parabellum PDF
  VZ2008 Sporter Rifle PDF
  VZ58 Rifle PDF
  WASR Type Sporting Rifle PDF


















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